Arizona Adult Foster Care Homes and Assisted Living Homes
The State of Arizona Department of Health
Services uses a unique classification system
for what is traditionally referred to as simply
"Adult Foster Care Homes". Under the master
heading of "Assisted Living Facilities", there
two fundamental classifications for
Adult Foster Care establishments:
  • Adult Foster Care Home: A home
    where room and board and care is
    provided for up to 4 residents with the
    owner/caregiver living on-premises.
  • Assisted Living Home: A residence or
    facility which provides room and board
    and care for up to 10 (ten) residents.
For the purposes of simplicity, Senior Resources and News listings groups these two classes of
Adult Foster Care together, although our listings will specify which classification is applicable
for each individual facility cited. ("Assisted Living Facility" is the most-common term for larger
senior housing establishments catering to a large census; in Arizona, these facilities are called
"Assisted Living Centers", and are showcased in their appropriate section on the Senior
Resources and News website.)
Levels of Care: The levels of care Adult Foster Care Homes and Assisted Living Homes are
required to provide involve Supervisory Care and Personal Care, as well as basic room and
board. Supervisory care means the facility must make themselves continually aware of each
resident's functioning needs, provide help in the event of a crisis and facilitate medication
management assistance. Personal Care is help with all Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) such as
grooming, bathing, dressing, etc.
Licensing Regulations: Both Arizona Adult Foster Care Homes and Assisted Living Homes
are regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services: Office of Assisted Living Licenses.
Most facilities receive a state inspection once-per-year or as-needed to ensure compliance
with state regulations or to investigate complaints. In some instances, a facility receiving a
deficiency-free relicensing survey will be granted a two-year license. After a facility's very first
inspection performed as part of the initial license application, all subsequent inspection visits
are unannounced.
The Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) maintains a public file for all licensed
assisted living facilities, which is available to the public during business hours. Online
information is also available at azcarecheck.com.
The owner or owner/manager of every Arizona licensed Adult Foster Care Home or Assisted
Living Home must be certified by the state Board of Examiners as a certified assisted living
facility manager. Additionally, all managers and caregivers must obtain first aid training and a
CPR certificate and keep both current.
All employees of Arizona Adult Foster Care Homes and Assisted Living Homes must pass a
background check and submit to the Arizona fingerprinting requirements as specified by state
law. Employees must also receive ongoing training and education. For more info, check with:
Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS)   |   (602) 542-1025
Grace Hill Adult Care in Phoenix, Arizona is a 10-resident Assisted Living
Home owned and operated by Daniela Cosma. Daniela is a state-certified
caregiver and assisted living facility manager.
Grace Hill offers a wide
range of care modalities from minimal assistance to Alzheimer's care and
other dementia condition needs. Basic services and specialized care are
provided by Grace Hill's dedicated owner and staff, on-site 24/7.
2405 W. Florentine Road, Phoenix, Arizona   |   (623) 734-5905
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Alternative Living for You is a 4-bed Adult
Foster Care Home in Glendale, Arizona.
Operated by George and Violeta Borcoman.
Near the Starburst Plaza Shopping Center, the
White Tank Mountain Regional Park, and many
other amenities, In a home-like setting,
Alternative Living for You Adult Foster Care Home provides a range of personal care services
for its residents, including regular meals, laundry, medication reminders, assistance with
Activities of Daily Living and much, much more.
5328 West Tierra Buena Lane, Glendale, Arizona 85306   |   (602) 993-5521