Arizona Assisted Living Centers
The Arizona Department of Health Services uses the term
"Assisted Living Center" (ALC) in lieu of the more universally
recognized term, "Assisted Living Facility". The state of Arizona
applies the same basic regulatory standards and requirements to
both adult foster care establishments and Assisted Living
Centers, although the larger size and scope of support an
Assisted Living Center represents does require a wider range of
licensing prerequisites which we outline below.
An Arizona Assisted Living Center is basically defined as an
assisted living facility which provides resident rooms or residential
units for 11 (eleven) or more residents. An Arizona Assisted
Living Center can be licensed for one or more of the following
levels of service:
  • Supervisory Care Services: Provides for general supervision and awareness of
    residents' functioning and continuous needs; in a crisis event, assistance is rendered in
    the administration of prescribed drugs.
  • Personal Care Services: Assists with Activities of Daily Living and coordination of
    intermittent nursing service and administering of medications and other treatments by a
  • Directed Care Services: Provides personal care services and other programs for
    residents incapable of recognizing danger, summoning assistance, expressing need or
    making basic care decisions.

Residents an Arizona Assisted Living Center Cannot Accept
Arizona Assisted Living Centers cannot accept residents who require physical restraints,
chemical restraints, behavioral health residential services or residents requiring services the
Assisted Living Center is not licensed for and/or capable of providing.

Requirements for Managers of Assisted Living Centers
Managers of Arizona Assisted Living Centers cannot manage more than two (2) facilities
simultaneously; if a manager is responsible for two facilities, those facilities cannot be more
than 40 miles apart.
Managers must also:
  • Be certified by the State Board of Examiners as an Assisted Living Center manager
  • Trained comprehensively on the levels of service the Assisted Living Center is licensed
    to provide
  • Have twelve (12) months of prior health-related employment experience

Requirements for Assisted Living Center Workers
Arizona Assisted Living Centers workers are required to have valid fingerprint clearance cards
or apply for a fingerprint clearance card within twenty (20) working days of employment. (This
applies to volunteer workers as well as paid employees.)
New Assisted Living Center employees are required to receive a comprehensive orientation
within ten (10) days of the starting date of their employment.
Assisted Living Centers are required to make a good faith effort to contact employees' prior
employers and other references to ascertain their fitness to work in an Assisted Living Center.
For more information, contact:
Arizona Department of Health Services: Licensing Services   |   (602) 364-2536
Arizona Assisted Living Centers Facts and Information
Featured Arizona Assisted Living Centers
The Stratford Assisted Living
Center - Phoenix, Arizona
The Stratford Assisted Living Center in Phoenix, Arizona is
a vertically-integrated senior living facility offering a variety of
rental and service options. Rental plans include:
  • Stratford Court for Independent Living
  • Stratford Court for assisted living
  • Stratford Rememberances for memory impairment and
    dementia care
The Stratford Assisted Living Center provides many social
events and activities for its residents, including outings,
musical programs, dances, gardening and much, much more.
Another feature is their exclusive continuous dining program
which allows residents to enjoy restaurant-quality fine dining in the Victorian Dining Room all
day, everyday. There is also a semi-private dining are in the Country Kitchen for gatherings with
family and friends.
The Stratford Assisted Living Center features personal health services; experienced geriatric
healthcare providers frequently visit the facility. Complimentary scheduled local transportation to
doctor appointments, banking, shopping, sports and social events, etc. is another service
feature. The Stratford also offers a library, billiards room, overnight guest suite, movie theater
and card room as well as many other wonderful amenities.
Ask about the Stratford's
1739 W. Myrtle Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85201   |   (602)635-6520
The Oasis at El Corral
Affordable Assisted Living
The Oasis at El Corral in Tucson, Arizona is an assisted living
center offering several resident options as well as a facility in a
campus-setting devoted to Alzheimer's and dementia care.
The Oasis at El Corral features service packages individually
created for each resident; services may include medication
administration by their Licensed Nursing Staff; bathing, dressing
or grooming assistance; meal reminders; and much, much more.
The Oasis at El Corral's activity director works hard to create a
dynamic, interesting environment for senior-enrichment.
2721 North Oracle Road, Tucson, Arizona  |  (520) 624-1771
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