Nevada Assisted Living Facilities
The State of Nevada uses the term Residential Facility for Groups
in lieu of the more commonly-used
Assisted Living Facility.
Nevada's formal definition is, in part: "
... an establishment that
furnishes food, shelter, assistance and limited supervision to a
person .... who is aged and infirm
Nevada State statutes also define two categories of Assisted
Living Facility residents:
  • Category 1 - Residential Facility for Groups residents who,
    without assistance, are physically and mentally capable of
    moving from the room in which they sleep to the other side
    of a facility fire barrier or outside the facility (whichever is
    closest) in less than 4 (four) minutes.
  • Category 2 - Residential Facility for Groups residents who,
    while unassisted, cannot move from their sleeping room to
    the other side of a facility fire barrier or outside the facility
    (whichever is closest) in less than 4 (four) minutes.
Nevada Assisted Living Facility Administrator Requirements

The name of the Administrator of Record for a Nevada Residential Facility for Groups appears
on its license. Administrators of Nevada ALF's most comply with the following:
  • Be licensed by the Nevada State Board of Examiners for Administrators of Facilities for
    Long-Term Care
  • Be legally responsible for the care of facility residents and daily facility operations
  • Within 30 days of assuming Administrator duties, obtain a First Aid and CPR certification
Nevada Assisted Living Facility Caregiver Staff Requirements

Caregivers in Nevada Residential Facilities for Groups are responsible for the care and
supervision of facility residents. Nevada Assisted Living Facility caregivers must meet the
following requirements:
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Submit fingerprints to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History to
    allow a background check to be conducted
  • Within 30 days after date-of-hire, obtain a First Aid Card and CPR certification
  • Demonstrate the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language
  • Receive annually a minimum of 8 hours of training related to providing for the needs of
    facility residents
  • Become familiar with the knowledge of the use of any prosthetic devices or dental, vision
    or hearing aids used by facility residents
  • If assisting facility residents in the administration of any medication, including OTC
    medications or supplements, the caregiver must receive at least 3 hours of training in
    medication management; and, at least every 3 years, pass a state-approved
    examination relating to the management of medication
Nevada Assisted Living Facility Services

Supervision: Nevada ALF caregiver staff members provide protective supervision for facility
residents. Residents are permitted to rest in their rooms, enjoy their privacy and - if mentally
and physically capable - leave and enter the facility at will.

Activities: Caregiver staff members are responsible for
providing group activities which contribute to the
mental and physical stimulation of the residents;
residents are encouraged to participate in activities
suited to their abilities. (Nevada ALF's with 20 or more
residents must employ or
appoint a full-time Activities Director.)

Dining Area and Meals: Meals served at Nevada ALF's
must be
nutritious and provided on a regular schedule. ALF's
with ten (10)
or more residents are required to retain the services of
a Registered Dietician for the planning of appropriately
nutritious meals, correct portion sizes, etc. Nevada
ALF's are required to accommodate special diet needs
if a resident has been placed on the diet by a licensed physician or dietician.
The ALF dining facility must be sufficiently sized to allow meals
to be served quickly and efficiently.

Laundry and Linen Services: Nevada ALF's are required to provide clean laundry and linen
to its residents. Laundry and linen cleaning can be done in-house or out-sourced.

Common Socialization Areas: Each ALF in the State of Nevada is required to have a
centrally-located common area on the premises for the purposes of group socialization and
various recreational and entertainment activities. Common areas must be furnished with
comfortable furniture.
Residential Facilities for Groups (Assisted Living Facilities) in Nevada must comply with a vast
array of regulatory requirements in areas such as fire safety, health and sanitation, Alzheimer's
care, record keeping, admission guidelines, and much more. Consult the State of Nevada HHS
website for a complete listing of requirements:
Featured Nevada Assisted Living Facility
It's Not Just for Grandkids! Many ALF's
offer Wii Bowling Tourneys for Residents!
The Bee Hive Homes network of Assisted Living Facilities
was founded in 1987 by Twayne Walker. Twayne's belief was
that seniors needing assisted living deserved a clean and
comfortable family setting at an affordable price. There are
now over 125 Bee Hive assisted living homes and still growing!
Bee Hive Homes facility in Elko, Nevada is a shining
example of the Bee Hive philosophy of quality senior care!
Hive of Elko
received the State of Nevada HHS Survey Grade
of "A"
from its latest August 2009 inspection!
1680 Winchester Drive, Elko, NV 89801  |  (775) 777-3877
Bee Hive Home, LLC
Elko, Nevada


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