Oregon State In-Home Care Services
In the State of Oregon, in-home care for seniors is split into two
basic categories:
Non-Medical In-Home Care or Home Health

Non-Medical In-Home Care: This level of care is defined as
providing services which are necessary to assist an individual in
meeting the individual's daily needs, but do not include curative or
rehabilitative services.
Some examples of ADL's (Activities of Daily Life) which a
non-medical in-home care give will assist with are: bathing,
personal grooming and hygiene, dressing, hydration/feeding, light
housekeeping, errands, transportation, laundry, basic
companionship, etc.
The State of Oregon requires Non-Medical In-Home Care
agencies to screen their care giving employees for drug use and
conduct a criminal background check before hiring.
Care givers for in-home care agencies must be trained in client's rights, recognition and proper response to medical
emergencies, nutrition and hydration, skin breakdown prevention, fall prevention, hand washing and infection
control, body mechanics, fire safety and non-medical emergency procedures.
In-home care agencies are also required to verify each care giver possesses a current, valid driver's license and
adequate automobile insurance. Also required is that the in-home care agency provides ongoing education and
conducts regular performance reviews of each care giver.
Home Health Services: Some times referred to as Nursing Services, the State of Oregon stipulates that a Home
Health Agency provide nursing services by an Oregon-licensed registered nurse. The clients of Home Health
Services receiving nursing services must have a medical condition and health status which is stable and
predictable. All provided nursing services must comply with the rules of the Oregon State Board of Nursing,
accepted standards of nursing practice and the service plan.
Home Health Services may offer service plans which do not include nursing services, simply baseline assistance
with a client's ADL's. In this way, an HHS can function in a way similar to a non-medical in-home care service; often
the home health services' fees are higher than a non-medical in-home care service because the firm's fixed
overhead and more complex staffing costs run much higher overall.
Make certain you know which level of service suits you or a loved one best before engaging with either type of
service. In that way, you'll have consistency and minimal confusion right from the beginning of service!