Washington State licensed Boarding Homes (often referred to as Assisted Living Facilities) are
complexes designed to house seven or more in a community environment where staff assumes
responsibility for the safety and well-being of the adult resident. Housing, meals, laundry,
supervision and varying stratifications of assistance with ADLs are provided. (Some Boarding
Homes provide nursing care and/or specialized care for people with mental health issues,
developmental disabilities or dementia.)
Boarding Homes serving Medicaid clients in Washington State are contracted by the state to
provide 4 levels of service packages (some facilities offer more than one service package):
The Adult Residential Care (ARC) Service Package for Washington State Boarding Homes
(Assisted Living Facilities) accepting Medicaid includes helping residents who are able to take
their own medication, although they may need some help (such as medication reminders or
having the medication dispensed to them at the appropriate times); also included is help with
personal care (such as bathing, dressing and personal hygiene).
The Enhanced Adult Residential Care (EARC) Service Package for Washington State Boarding
Homes (Assisted Living Facilities) accepting Medicare includes helping residents who can't take
their own medications (Medication Administration). Some type of nursing care must be provided
at least occasionally. Enhanced Adult Residential Care facility residents cannot share more
than two to a room.
The Specialized Boarding Home Care Program for Residents with Dementia offers the same
baseline service package as the Enhanced Adult Residential Care package along with
elements designed specifically for the resident suffering from dementia.
The goal of the Specialized Dementia Care Program is to help a resident suffering from
dementia maintain the highest possible quality of life and physical health.
  • Care, supervision and activities tailored to the unique needs, abilities and preferences of
    the resident
  • Coordination of care with the residents families
  • Dementia-specific staff training
  • Awake staff coverage 24/7
  • Safe and secure outdoor environment
  • Intermittent nursing services, help with medications, personal care and other support
This service package includes a private apartment. Some nursing services must be provided
occasionally and help is made available for medication administration and personal care.
The Evergreen Inn Assisted Living Community in the Vancouver
historic downtown district is a revered landmark. Just minutes from
medical services, shopping and cultural events, including the
popular Vancouver Farmers Market, The Evergreen Inn is truly a
safe and secure community for its happy residents.
The Evergreen Inn features daily home cooked meals, help with
bathing and medications, housekeeping, laundry, free
transportation and much, much more! The Evergreen Inn is a fun
and lively community with a wide variety of weekly activities and
programs for its young-at-heart residents.
600 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660  |  (360) 696-4000
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