All senior in-home care services in Washington State are defined and regulated under the
heading of
In-Home Services Agencies. There are several senior in-home service
classifications which fall under that macro-heading, some of which overlap one another in
terms of what services each variation is allowed to provide. A quick study of the hierarchy of
the state's licensing classifications can leave one a little confused.
For the sake of the Senior Resources and News information, we will confine our overview to
the two primary in-home care classifications falling under Washington State's In-Home Services
Agencies definitions:
  • Home Care Services
  • Home Health Services
Home Care Services in Washington State are in-home non-medical services. Caregivers
assigned to clients by a Home Care Service limit the level of care to assistance with basic
Activities of Daily Life (ADL's).
The Home Care Services caregiver will provide personal care assistance, such as dressing,
feeding, personal hygiene, etc. Other services provided by the Home Care Services category
are homemaker assistance, such as shopping, planning and/or preparing meals, light
housekeeping, laundry, linen change and help with bills or correspondence. Transportation
and errand-running and respite care for a primary caregiver (family and friends of the client)
are also part of a Home Care Service charter.
Home Health Services is another primary category of senior in-home service defined by
Washington State licensing regulations. The Home Health Service provides levels of service
which include
medical assistance: nursing services, home health aide services, physical
therapy, occupational therapy, nutritional services, speech therapy, respiratory therapy and
home medical supplies or equipment services.
In Washington State, there are Home Health Aide Services, which can easily be confused
with the Home Health Services categorization. Basically, the Home Health Aide Service is
permitted to provide various medical services dispensed by para-professionals under the
guidance and supervision of appropriate fully-credentialed and licensed professionals such as
registered nurses, physical therapists, etc.
To further confuse the in-home care landscape, there also are provisions for a
Home Health
and a Home Care Agency. Easily confused with the Home Care Service definition, a
Home Health Agency is
permitted to provide two or more delegated nursing services which are
not required to be supervised by a registered nurse. The distinction between the two is largely
their actual names.
Some aspects of
Hospice Care Services fall under both Home Care Service and Home
Health Service charters.
In Washington State, In-Home Services Agencies are regulated by the
Washington State
Department of Health, P.O. Box 47852, Olympia, Washington 98504-7852 (360)236-2900
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